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The Power of Music at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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During the last week of August, John Groves – the renowned composer and jingle writer will be performing his one-man show at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh.
Jingle writers are the unsung heroes of music, although their melodies are often in more minds than most chart toppers! Take this opportunity to experience Europe’s leading „ComMUSICation“ expert live, and discover the intriguing secret power of music.
About the John Groves:
As a successful composer for TV commercials, John realized many years ago that brands would benefit by taking a more systematic approach to the way they choose and use their music. He subsequently pioneered a new marketing discipline known as Sound Branding, and the company he founded is today a key player. An unfortunate side effect of this move, was that it slowly took him away from the piano and put him behind a desk. Very soon he was conducting workshops instead of orchestras, and lecturing at universities instead of making music in the studio.
About the show:
In his show “The Power of Music”, John goes back to his roots. He combines his passion for making music with the pleasure of educating – a mix that these days is sometimes referred to as “edutainment”.
He plays some of the jingles from his childhood that have influenced his career, and of course some of his own compositions. Through his interesting and sometimes (!) humorous anecdotes, he pulls back the curtain to reveal the nuts and bolts of sound design and applied songwriting.
We will also hear how jingles have (ear)wormed their way into modern culture – such as in the Hollywood film „Entourage” which is currently opening in cinemas throughout Europe, and features John’s Mentos jingle.
The audience will experience a new and fascinating way to hear the world – one where sound and music helps us to navigate our lives and to steer our perception and emotions. They will laugh – they might even cry, but they will leave with a smile on their face, having experienced “The Power of Music!”
About the Edinburgh Festival Fringe:
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world and takes place every August for three weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city.
Every year thousands of performers take to hundreds of stages all over Edinburgh to present shows for every taste. From big names in the world of entertainment to unknown artists looking to build their careers, the festival caters for everyone and includes theatre, comedy, dance, physical theatre, circus, cabaret, children’s shows, musicals, opera, music, spoken word, exhibitions and events.
In 2014 there were 49,497 performances of 3,193 shows in 299 venues, making it the largest ever arts festival in the world.
Information about the shows:
Theater 2. theSpace @ Surgeons Hall
Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DW
Monday, August 24th, – Saturday, August 29th, 2015 at 4 PM (circa 45 mins).
Tickets £12 (£8.50) – available online here
Produced by:
Oliver Wirtz | Sundance Communications GmbH
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