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Yared Dibaba



s a young moderator, Yared Dibaba broke out in tears at his first job, after trying in vain to entertain 200 employees at a company event- no one listened to him. After that event, he swore: “That will never happen to me again!” and he lived up to his promise. If you meet him today and happen to look into his eyes, you will see nothing but joy. It is this joy, coupled with his versatility, that has become his recipe for success. Yared has since become a TV host, singer, author, entertainer, actor, Plattdeutsch (Low German) expert, and happy husband and father of two sons.

Yared Dibaba was born on the 8th of April 1969 in Oromia (Ethiopia). In 1973 his father gets a place at the University of Osnabrück to study Education Sciences and Yared moves with his parents and brother to Germany. In 1976 they return to Ethiopia but shortly after their return, civil war broke out. The Dibabas plan their Odyssean escape and finally arrive in Falkenburg, Niedersachsen in 1979. Yared goes to school in Falkenburg and does not only learn about the country and its people – he also learns to love the low German dialect- “Plattdeutsch”. In 1990, he finishes high school in Delmenhorst and subsequently completes a 2-year training course for management. Then he attends an acting college for three years in Bremen where he learnt in the classic “Stanislavski’s system”, which highlights the art of experiencing when on stage. The entertainer jobs on the side as a coffee-tester and also manages to study singing at Hamburg’s Konservatorium. “Everything I can do, I have worked hard to learn”, he says proudly also highlighting the importance of both talent and professionalism.

It was already in school that a passion for the stage overcame Yared. With 10, he sings in a choir – with 16 he walks in successful fashion shows and sings and plays in a band with his brother. That he also excelled at fencing, ballet and hip-hop dancing, goes without saying.

Actually Yared would have loved to have become an actor in films but destiny had another plan. He begins moderating events. In 1999 he has his first big role as an actor besides Heidel Kabel in the Hamburg’s “Ohnsorg Theatre”. Then jobs start rolling in – he moderates the news at “9Live” and at “Vox Style Attack” together with Heidi Westlake he moderates the NDR segment “Die Welt op Platt”. He goes on to be guest-host the NDR-Talkshow with Bettina Tietjen and then completes 2 years as host of “Tietjen und Dibaba”, followed by the show “Die Traumhochzeit”…

Let us not forget about the Music! Yared and his brother Benjamin produced a Shanty-Pop album in low and high German with 5 instrumentalists, a choir and Yared as lead singer. The album is due to be released in early 2016.

The versatile Yared does not have much in the way of role models but there a group of people that he admires. This group includes names such as: Oprah Winfrey, Kuli, Mohammed Ali, Will Smith, Harald Schmidt, and Barbara Schöneberger. When asked about the best experience in his career, it is difficult to choose just one: the first talkshow with Bettina Tietjen, the hosting of the FIFA fan party on the Heiligengeistfeld, welcoming spectators on the show “Die Traumhochzeit” (“The Dream Wedding”). The most memorable was a meeting he had on a research trip for his shows “Die Welt op Platt” – in Paraguay he meets a native who speaks fluent Low German – he has rarely felt so understood!

Naturally, in his personal life he has other highlights – the time when his youngest sons had to say goodbye to his teacher during her maternity leave. The ladies held their cool- but both Yared and his son begin to cry bitterly. Also here, Yared felt understood.


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