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Tim Mälzer



im Mälzer is the pop star amongst German chefs and is universally considered one of Germany’s most successful TV-Chefs and cookbook authors. Since 2009, he is the “Head Chef” of the ARD network and fascinates millions with his show “Tim Mälzer kocht!” (Tim Mälzer cooks!) every Saturday afternoon.

Born on January 22, 1971 in Elmshorn – a suburb just outside of Hamburg, Tim Mälzer began his career as a trainee in the kitchens of Hamburg’s prestigious Intercontinental Hotel at the age of 21. He completed the traineeship with distinction in 1995 and went on to train in Hong Kong and subsequently spent 3 years working in London in the kitchens of the Ritz Carlton with fellow trainee, now international icon- Jamie Oliver. Returning to Hamburg to work under Christian Rach at the renowned “Tafelhaus”, he gathered his first experiences as a sous-chef in 1998. Three years passed and Mälzer had been a successful restaurant manager and kitchen boss at 3 other restaurants before opened his own restaurant “Weisses Haus” in 2002, ideally located on the shores of the famous Elbe river.
Tim Mälzer rose to fame with his daily late-afternoon cooking show “Schmeckt nicht – gibt’s nicht!” on VOX. After 600 episodes, Mälzer switched to primetime, when in 2008 he moderated 6, 2.5 hour live-shows under the flag “Born to Cook”. Since 2004, he has been a regular on shows like “Johannes B. Kerner – Kochen bei Kerner” and “Lanz Kocht” which until 2012 aired prime-time every Friday. He has also since 2007 been a frequent guest on “Die Kocharena” and in 2013 became a fixture in the prime-time casting show: “The Taste” as a judge which airs weekly on Sat1.

The popular TV cook has released many cook books including “Born to Cook” in 2004 and “Born to Cook 2” in 2005, “Neues vom Küchenbulle” and the DVD “Der Küchenbulle” in 2006, the latter of which sold over 100,000 units. In 2007, he followed up with “Kochbuch” which through Mosaik Publishing (part of Random House) sold over 400,000 units. In 2010 he teamed up with legendary Eckhart Witzigmann, in the joint book project “2 Köche, 1 Buch”. His 5th cookbook, “Greenbox” was released in 2012 and is marketed as a “meatless” cookbook and achieved sales figures in excess of 15,000 units. “Greenbox” is the first of Mälzer’s books which has been translated for the American market and has achieved modest success. The upcoming 6th cookbook, “HEIMAT” is expected to be released in the autumn of 2014.

The multi-platform Mälzer, actively works in cooperation with a number of magazines and has toured with his limited live show “Ham’ se noch Hack” throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland with visitor numbers for his relatively intimate shows in excess of 60,000.

In 2007, Mälzer founded his own TV production company, tibool GmbH and begins to produce his own shows such as “Born to Cook“ and „Tim Mälzer kocht!“. In a series of documentary films entitled „Deutschland isst…“ and the „Lebensmittel-Check“, the ARD’s “Head Chef” shows the nation how the food they consume is produced and searches for the secret to healthy nutrition. The 14 prime-time documentaries which aired originally on ARD, have since been aired on regional networks: NDR, MDR, RBB and Radio Bremen. The documentaries reached a total of 14 million viewers and boasted a total market share of 14% with 10% in the key demographic. Tibool is currently working on 3 new films for ARD/NDR.

In 2009, Tim Mälzer opened his restaurant “Bullerei” in Hamburg’s trendy suburb of ‘Sternschanze’ which caters through its Deli and Restaurant to every taste; from brunch to dinner. “Hausmanns” followed in 2012 and is located in Frankfurt Airport – Germany’s busiest. “OFF CLUB” opened in Hamburg in 2013.

Tim Mälzer acknowledges the opportunity and responsibility he has to educate and reinforce healthy nutrition. This is evident through his engagement in the project “KLASSE, KOCHEN!” which works to equip schools with student kitchens to give students a fun, hands on way to learn about conscious nutrition. The project is run in partnership with the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Bertelsmann Foundation and Nolte Küchen.

His undogmatic analysis of established nutritional preconceptions and their relation to reality resonates with a diverse audience and drives them not only to cook delicious but conscious food. He is often seen passionately debating this point on various talk shows.


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