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The use of celebrity testimonials as a marketing tool has been proven both as effective and lucrative – for everyone involved. In the USA it is estimated that 1 in 4 TV Ads uses a celebrity endorsement and in Germany that number is quickly catching up with an estimated 1 in 5. It’s a fact: celebrity endorsement, when done right, works!

From complete multi-channel marketing campaigns, moderation, social media engagement to attendance of company events and everything in between– our artists can enhance your brand as an ambassador or testimonial.

Today, more than ever, the building of a strong, distinctive and memorable brand is the most vital element of a company’s marketing activities. Through expert analysis and the strategic selection of an ideal brand/celebrity combination, companies in all industries can benefit from increased brand recognition and awareness whilst improving their advertising’s ROI.

Whether the goal is to increase brand awareness in a specific market or create positive, lasting brand association, a testimonial deal can help you meet and exceed your marketing objectives.

You think that one of our artist can help to enhance your brand? Get in touch!


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