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Mac Folkes



aken literally, the successor is also a predecessor. For “Mac”, the newcomer in Heidi Klum’s team, follows Bruce Darnell and Jorge Gonzalez in “Germany’s Next Topmodel by Heidi Klum” as Catwalk Coach, and so he is the man who shows the girls with the right moves and appropriate attitude how to make a “Bella Figura” on the catwalk, a predecessor, hence.

Decorsey Folkes, as is his real name, is a star choreographer. He is considered the muse of the models, has already worked with the greatest of the scene and is a charismatic guy, who captures the hearts of his protégés at the first glance. He sees himself as one-third a catwalk coach, a life counselor and a psychologist. The fact that he can build up these empathic connections is certainly also due to his CV, in which he lists a lot of different experiences.

Born in Jamaica in the late 1960s, he came to New York with his parents at the age of five. Instead of playing with the other children at school, as soon as he could read, he immersed himself in encyclopedias, graduated from high school at the age of 16, and studied at Cornell University and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Afterwards, he moved to Berlin, where he worked for nine years as a doorman in the Planet and E-Werk night clubs. These were only jobs and Mac was looking for a job and a place in the world where he would be accepted and respected as a black gay man. He then went back to New York.

There he had a fateful encounter at a cocktail party. He met Michael Flutie, the owner of a successful model agency, and impressed him with his knowledge of styling and photo shoots. Three weeks later Flutie offered him a job. Mac had his first experience with the Model business and with celebrities like Tatjana Patitz, Cindy Crawford and Stephanie Seymour. The next step was the legendary Elite Agency. After years as a booker at Elite and with a growing desire for a change, a friend asked him if he wanted to train a potential model. After an initial hesitation, he tried it and decided that he had found his vocation: sense and sensibility – finally!

The affectionate contact with the girls, the development of their personality, the removal of fear and insecurity, the building of individuality and self-confidence – all this fulfills Mac the man and has made him, in his very special and affectionate way, one of the most coveted coaches of the large and international model agencies. Perhaps during his years in Germany, he has encountered this thought of the philosopher Ernst Bloch: “You should not train people to keep pace, but to walk tall.”


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