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Jorge González for PETA: „THAT’S HOW YOU WEAR FUR“
Jorge González for PETA: „THAT’S HOW YOU WEAR FUR“ © Michael de Boer / actionpress plus
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22 January 2015

Catwalk coach and TV celebrity fights fur production

Hamburg/Berlin – “Hola Chicas y Chicos!”: Jorge González is as charming as ever. Now the Let’s Dance jury member, catwalk coach and choreographer poses in an anti-fur ad for animal rights organisation PETA Germany. And he doesn’t hold back any of his unique charms: bare-naked, wearing only his legendary high heels, the born Cuban strides along the red carpet, carrying his dog, Willie, who was rescued from a Majorcan trash can years ago. The slogan “That’s How You Wear Fur” is warm, happy and alive. In the video of the shoot, Jorge González presents the cruel reality behind the production of dog and cat fur and calls on all consumers to choose fur-free fashion.

“I say YES to fashion, but NO to fur”, says Jorge González. “Millions of animals around the world are skinned alive for their fur every year, among them dogs and cats. This needs to be stopped!”

In China alone, an estimated 2 million dogs and cats are killed for the fur industry every year. Rabbits on fur farms suffer in tiny wire cages and die for their profitable fur. The animals are gassed or clubbed with iron bars, have their necks broken or are killed by anal or vaginal electrocution. Many stores and fashion companies have stopped selling fur in the last few years, among them ESPRIT, H&M, Tom Tailor and Hallhuber. The German Bundesrat (Federal Council), too, is calling for a ban on fur farms. Argues the Agricultural Committee: “There is no sound reason to keep and kill animals for the production of fur”.

Consumers who don’t want to cause animal suffering can choose fashionable clothing made out of plant-based materials and synthetics. To make things simple for consumers, PETA recently started to approve vegan styles or fully vegan fashion companies with the logo “PETA-Approved Vegan”. That way, people can easily recognise products that no animal had to suffer for. Please click here to find a list of European companies that already use the logo.

Animal-friendly fashion designers like Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein present fur-free collections and start new trends.

Jorge González for PETA: “That’s How You Wear Fur”


For more information, a print version of the ad, and the video interview with Jorge González, please go to PETA.de/Jorge-Gonzalez-gegen-Pelz.



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PETA Germany is an affiliate of PETA US, which is the world’s largest animal rights organisation, with more than 3 million members and supporters. The organisation’s goal is to help animals by exposing cruelty, educating the public and helping people live a cruelty-free lifestyle.


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