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John Groves


Date of birth: 09.08.1953
Place of birth: Hamburg, Germany
Nationality: British
Occupation: Composer, music producer, consultant on the use of sound and music in advertising and communications
Speciality: Sound Branding, author and lecturer


ohn Groves is one of those rare breed that writes most of his music in a thirty second format. Yes, he is a jingle writer! His music is known the whole world over and hardly an hour goes by without him being played on the radio or television. In the early nineties he became a pioneer of Sound Branding by developing a structured system for creating Corporate Sound. This methodology provided the basis for what has since become the market standard.

He grew up in England in a town called Slough. When asked where he comes from, he will most probably say „Windsor“ or “Farnham Royal”; partly because no-one has ever heard of Slough (except for those who saw “The Office”), and partly because he believes it gives him a slightly „royal“ touch. But now Hamburg is his home – not because of a primal need to return to his roots but, as so often in life, by coincidence.

John Groves lectures regularly at various European Universities: Brunel University / London, University of Art / Berlin, University of Music / Vienna, the Steinbeis International Business School / Berlin, to name but a few. He also holds workshops and master classes at various marketing, design and communications congresses, such as the Prague International Advertising Festival, the European Forum for Music Education in Salzburg, the Cannes Film Festival, the International Television and Film Academy in Hamburg, Radio Days in Cologne, and the International Design Conference in Berlin. He is also a much sought-after panel and jury member and often hosts music-political discussions.

In 2015, he has decided to return to his roots to perform a live show called “the Power of Music. Basically, the content is not so much difference from his university lectures at, but his authentic and humorous attitude turns it easily into entertainment. The cases become anecdotes and his life becomes songs.

As well as countless productions for advertising. John wrote the musical “Edgerounder” from which two songs were nominated for “Best Song” in the “Musical of the Year” contest. He was proud to be invited to a televised Gala hosted by Sir Peter Ustinov, where he experienced his song “Heard it all before” sung by Al Jarreau.

Together with his good friend and now manager Oliver Wirtz he worked on a number of live event shows. One was „Dirty Dancing 2“, with the original dancers from the film. (See www.groves.de/ events). He also produced the music for Olivers Cirque du Soleil style fantasy show “Art Brokat” as well as a personalized production of „Starlight Express“ for the 100 year anniversary of the Sparda bank. Since then, he and Oliver have worked on countless Events and TV shows, such as the gala shows for the German national TV „Ein Herz Für Kinder“ & „Goldene Lenkrad“.

Pre-empting the Olympic Games in Greece, John took time off from applied music to produce a CD of music by Mikis Theodorakis. The CD – in English, German and Greek was sung by Vicki Leandros and was produced partly in the Athens Concert Hall using the Camerata orchestra.

He is politicallycally active as president of the Composers Club / Germany, vice-president of FFACE – the Federation of Film and Audiovisual Composers of Europe, and as board member and treasurer of ECSA – the European Composers and Songwriters Alliance, in Brussels, John Groves has written several articles for marketing and other trade publications.

His current book is called „comMUSICation – from Pavlov’s Dog to Sound Branding“. (Published by Oak Tree Press, Cork, Ireland. ISBN 978 1 78119 000 5)


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