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an Hahn has been able to collect some unique memories: Robbie Williams bites his fingernails, Sienna Miller is adorable, Sacha Baron Cohen showed him his naked behind, Steven Spielberg is highly amusing, Tom Hanks not so much, he went fishing with Lionel Richie, Bradley Cooper invited him to the Royal Grill and Take That sang their first live song after their reunion for him. Jan Hahn’s time as host of SAT.1 morning show, “Frühstücksfernsehen” featuring interviews with the who’s-who of Hollywood has been in a class of its own. Starting at 05:30 AM, beyond interviews Frühstücksfernsehen is a mix of information, tips, reports and entertainment. In 2012, Jan Hahn was revealed to be the most liked German morning show host by the Forsa Polling Institute and his show is nominated for Germany’s most prestigious TV award.

Jan Hahn is born on the 22nd of September, 1973 in Leipzig. With creative roots, his father is an actor and his mother a dancer, Jan Hahn started young. He began doing voice-acting for Audiobooks with the ultimate goal of becoming an actor like his father. After completing high school and doing his community service in Berlin, he starts studying Communications, Media and Theatre Studies at Leipzig University in 1994. It was on his first day there, that he found a poster which advertised the newly founded university radio station and after being accepted as the new Music Editor, he began to learn the craft of a radio editor and moderator. Since 1997, Jan Hahn has moderated and hosted many talk shows, comedies and morning programs.

Jan Hahn moved from radio to television in 2001 as a reporter in the field for the MDR show “Let’s Dance”. To follow would be many more moderation roles on SAT.1, MDR and Pro7 in shows such as “Verliebt in Berlin”, “Kämpf um Deine Frau”, “Goldene Henne”, “Zeit ist Geld” and many game shows. Apart from his work on television, he also moderates events, for example in 2002 in front of 750,000 people at the Brandenburger Gate in Berlin for the German national Day of Unity. Hahn is also active in advertising, working as a testimonial for Becel ProActiv, Peugeot, Kellog’s Corn Flakes and Ariel detergent.

Since 2005, Jan Hahn has been a fixture on Sat.1 morning show “Frühstücksfernsehen”. He especially likes to interview celebrities, which apart from the list mentioned above, also includes: Bruce Willis, Matthias Schweighöfer, Sabine Lisicki, Ronan Keating, Robin Thicke, Joss Stone and many others.

Starting on the 17th of October, 2016, Jan will be hosting the news “Glücksrad” on RTLplus



2016 RTLplus „Glücksrad“

2013 SAT.1 „Promi Big Brother Inside“ Magazine

2012 SAT.1 „Push – Das Sat.1 Magazin“

2011 MDR „Zeit ist Geld“ Saturday evening Liveshows

2011 SAT.1 „William und Kate – Die Märchenhochzeit des Jahres“

2006 MDR „Goldene Henne Voraus“ Liveshow

2006 MDR „Henne Danach“ Liveshow

2006 SAT.1 „Verliebt in Berlin – Die Show“ Live Prime Time Show

2006 SAT.1 „Verliebt in Berlin – Die Stars“ Live Prime Time Show

since 2005 SAT.1 „Sat.1 – Frühstücksfernsehen“ Live 05:29 AM – 10:00 AM

2004 SAT.1 „Kämpf um Deine Frau“ Daily

2004 MDR „Liebesgrüße aus…“ Weekly

2002-2005 PRO7 „SAM – Überraschungskiste“

2001 MDR „Let´s Dance“


2014 SAT.1 Premier Sat.1 Event „Der Rücktritt“ (On Stage)

2013 A. SPRINGER AG BILD Leserbeirat, Moderation of the presentation

2013 SONY PICTURES/BILD.de „White House Down“ German premiere Live – Online, On-Stage, Red Carpet

2013 GREEN TECH „Green Tech Awards“, Host

2013 CONCORDE „R.E.D. 2“ Hosting Press conference with Bruce Willis

2013 SONY PICTURES „Die Schlümpfe“, German premiere Live – Online, On-Stage, Red Carpet

2013 SAT.1 Premiere Sat.1 Event „Der Minister“

2012 A. SPRINGER AG BILD Leserbeirat, Moderation of the presentation

2012 SAT.1/REDSEVEN „Die Tore der Welt“, German premiere –On-Stage, Red Carpet

2012 SONY PICTURES „Hotel Transilvanien“, German premiere –On-Stage, Red Carpet

2012 CTMA „Clean Tech Media Award“, Host


2011 CTMA „Clean Tech Media Award“, Green Carpet

2008 PIXAR/DISNEY „Wall-E“ German premiere –On-Stage, Red Carpet

2005 SAT.1 Premiere Sat.1 Event „Die Luftbrücke“ (On-Stage)

2005 PRO7SAT1 „Herbie Parade“, Oldtimer Rally Moderation Start/Finish

2003 ENERGY BERLIN „NRJ in the Park“, Open Air, 30.000 live spectators

2002 ENERGY EUROPE Tag der Deutschen Einheit – Open Air 750.000 live spectators at the Brandenburger Tor, Berlin

1999 ROCK IM PARK Alternative Stage und New Talents Forum, Host


2013-2014 Becel Pro Aktiv (Unilever) Testimonial

2011 Kelloggs Cornflakes

2010 Sat.1 Webstick

2009 Peugeot 5008

2008 Ariel Wassersparkampagne

2004-2006 Café Hag (Österreich)


2012 FORSA MEINUNGSFORSCHUNGSINSTITUT Germany’s most liked TV Morning Show host

2012 DEUTSCHER FERNSEHPREIS Personally nominated for the public choice award for Sat.1  Frühstücksfernsehen.


2014 ZDF „Die Abrechnung“ ZDF- 2 part series, role of radio host

2013 PRO7 „Bully macht Buddy“ Sitcom

2013 SAT.1 „Robin Hood & Ich“ Movie

2013 SAT.1 „Pastewka“ Comedy

2011 SAT.1 „Hand aufs Herz“ Soap

2011 SAT.1 „Pastewka“ Comedy

2011 SAT.1 „Der letzte Bulle“ Crime Series

2010 SAT.1 „Anna und die Liebe“ Soap


2011 RTL Life – Das Magazin


2009 UFA Im Namen der Jury ENTERTAIMENT/RTL


since 2008 SAT.1 including: Will Smith, Cameron Diaz, Bruce Willis, Adam Sandler, Bob Geldof, Kevin James, Reese Witherspoon, Robbie Williams, Lionel Richie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller, Sacha Baron Cohen,Bradley Cooper, Daniel Craig, Jackie Chan, Harrison Ford, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Lopez, Pierce Brosnan, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, James Cameron, Kate Winslet, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Sophie Marceau, Pet Shop Boys, Leam Neeson, Natalie Portman, Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, Audrey Tautou, Hugh Jackman and many more.


2004-2005 MDR SPUTNIK Hahn & Huth, Talkshow

2002 MDR SPUTNIK Das Kaos am Sonntag, Personality Comedy

2001-2003 ENERGY BERLIN Die Jan Hahn Show, Morning show

2000 MDR JUMP Jump Quickstart, Morning show (Host)

1997-2000 MDR SPUTNIK Fett Geweckt/Morgenrock, Morningshow (Host) Dr. Kaos, Personality Comedy Rock IT, Music magazine

1997 ENERGY SACHSEN NRJ-Wunschabend

1985-1989 RADIO DDR Child Voice Actor for Audiobooks


1995-1997 ENERGY SACHSEN Head of Music

1994-1995 MEPHISTO 97,6 Head of Department Music

1996 UNIVERSITÄT LEIPZIG Tutor Radio Broadcasting


2013 PRO7 TV-Total Stock Car Challenge

2011 MDR Hier ab Vier

2010+2011 PRO7 TV-Total Stock Car Challenge

2010+2011 PRO7 TV-Total Wok – WM

2009 SAT.1 Yes, We Can Dance!

2007 SAT.1 Promi ärgere Dich nicht

2007 VOX Das perfekte Promi Dinner

2007 SAT.1 VOLLTREFFER! – Schiffe versenken XXL

2007 SAT.1 My Video Show

2006 MDR Riverboat

2005 SAT.1 Stars am Limit

2003 MDR Telebingo

2003 SAT.1 Quiz Show


2012 A. SPRINGER AG BILD.de Online Live-Talk show for the relaunch of  Wetten Dass…?, (900.000 Live-Clicks)


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