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New Webseries: Honey and Funny

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Sundance Communications is very much looking forward to a new web-format; “Honey and Funny” is a series with many well-known actors and actresses which can only be seen online! You can see the new trailer under the following link, and starting the 26th of April the first of 4 pilot-episodes will be aired weekly: http://bit.ly/honeyundfunny. Tune in and watch Esther Schweins, Ralf Bauer, Wigald Boning or Hugo Egon Balder fill the role of comedians and really get things going. The debut acting performance of Miriam Henseling who is herself already over 40, shows that even after 40 you can find a new life-path to walk down. Our artist Jorge Gonzalez is also a part of the project and shows his acting talents- but we don’t want to give too much away, you’ll just have to tune in yourselves! To make sure you don’t miss a single episode, subscribe to the “Honey and Funny” channel before the 24th of April on YouTube!

Happy Viewing!

Your Sundance Team

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