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„Germany´s next Topmodel by Heidi Klum“ – The wait is finally over!

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Foto: © ProSieben/ Richard Huebner

Over 2,000 applicants but only one can become “Germany’s next Topmodel 2016”. Starting tonight at 08:15 PM on ProSieben, Heidi Klum and her fellow judges, Thomas Hayo and Michael Michalsky search for the most beautiful girl in Germany.

Already in the first episode a difficult challenge awaits the girls – Heidi Klum has invited 50 young models to Berlin for a catwalk training. In a “Express-Yourself-Catwalk”, the girls have a chance to convince the judges – only 23 girls will be selected to join the tour and travel aroundglobe. A new addition to season 11, Creative Director Thomas Hayo and Designer Michael Michalsky will form teams and can choose participants via a buzzer to join their team. Which young models can convince with their looks and charisma?

Following the “Express-Yourself-Catwalk” the tour begins. Berlin, Fuerteventura, Milan, Madrid, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney and then back to L.A. Never before have the candidates travelled to more cities than in Season 11. The candidates awaits more than just a trip around the world and coaching from Thomas Hayo, Michael Michalsky and Heidi Klum, they will also get an insight into the truly tough model business.

„Germany´s next Topmodel by Heidi Klum“ – Thursdays at 08:15 PM on ProSieben