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here is one woman for whom Alexander Herrmann goes into raptures for: his grandmother Herta. To celebrate her 80th birthday, she decides to go for her first sky-dive; three years later she walks on red-hot coals and with 90 she sky-dives a second time. She is now 100 and since she has seen everything the world has to offer, sets her sights on visiting the moon!

The adventures of the Franconian Star-Chef Alexander Karl Rudolf Herrmann take place on earth, behind a stove to be exact. Born the 7th of June 1971 in Kulmbach, Germany; the Herrmanns have been running the Romatik Posthotel in Wirsberg since 1896. At only 9 years old, the only child Alexander Herrmann loses both his parents in a fatal car accident. The hotel is taken over by his aunt and uncle and he grows up in the huge Posthotel family. The most important caregiver and motherly-subsitute is the housekeeper Monika, with whom Alexander has been cooking together since pre-school!

With such a background, it is hardly surprising that Alexander Herrmann ends up at the Hospitality School in Bavaria to learn to become a chef. His path leads him to some particularly prestigious kitchens, such as the Scholteshof in Belgium, the Schweizerstuben in Wertheim and the Romatikhotel Rottner in Nürnberg. He completes his apprenticeship and graduates Summa cum Laude being specifically honoured by the Bavarian state for his exceptional skills. Follow his studies, he goes on to be head chef at the “Restaurant Alexander Herrmann” in the family owned hotel. Under his leadership, the restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star and 17 out of 20 by the Gault-Millau for his “Franconian-Aware” cooking style.

It becomes clear that Alexander Herrmann, who rather watches soap operas than detective stories, is not only a great chef but also a telegenic individual. Before long, he is discovered by television! His TV career begins with “Kochduell” (Cooking Duel) in 1997 on VOX. Then everything begins happening quickly indeed: Kerners Köche“, “Lanz kocht”, “Küchenschlacht” and „Topfgeldjäger“, where he both moderates and cooks. We cannot forget “The Taste”, his cooking at the Olympics in 2006, Cooking Specials with Mario Barth and Dr. Eckkardt von Hirschhausen and his involvement with the “José Carreras Leukaemia-Gala“.

In addition to these, for a chef that is considered more classical, Alexander Herrmann uses his cooking and show talents for new Culinary-Entertainment concepts. In his live-programme “Sternküche – Durchgedreht!” he presents a “late-night” cooking show which was nationally successful. He provides for a sophisticated ambiance in his “Palazzo Alexander Herrmann” in the Nürnberger Spiegelpalast where an evening includes acrobatics, comedy and a show, together with a 4 course meal of regional delicacies. “The Franconians eat as they are: hearty with a cornucopia of spices”.

Alexander Herrmann’s creativity is also shown in his cook books. His take is a little different as he shows his readers how to create their own dishes. The Master Chef introduces basic recipes which can be combined and adapted to create a personalized dish. He hopes to pass on the concept of “culinary intelligence” to allow his readers to become better cooks. So far, 3 cook books have been released under this concept by Heyne Publishing under the name “Kitchen IQ” (in German: “Küchen IQ”).

Whoever meets the ambitious Alexander Herrmann, quickly realises that he is well on his way to reaching for the stars – a dream that he shares quite literally with his Grandmother!


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