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Foto: © Gert Krautbauer

Jorge González



efore you see him, you hear him and will inevitably be cast under his spell: With charm, wit and his infectious joy for life, Jorge González boldly and confidently walks through life in 18 cm high stilettos, which would even be a challenge for most professional models. Then you see him and experience him, his smile, the humor and his catch phrase “Hola Chicas”- you quickly realize that there is much more than plateau shoes and an elegant walk which make Jorge González so “unique”, “glamorous” and “fundamentally likeable” as described by Germany’s highly regarded “ZEIT” newspaper.

„I worked hard for my glam“, says Jorge as he thinks of his childhood on Cuba, where he was born in 1967 as Jorge Alexis González Madrigal Varona Vila. His sexuality remains a secret, as homosexuality is a big taboo in 60s Cuba and Jorge begins to work hard at one of the countries most elite boarding schools to be able to qualify for a university course in the comparatively liberal Czechoslovakia.

He studies Nuclear Ecology in Bratislava, makes contacts in the Prague fashion scene, works as a model, stylist and choreographer and completes, despite his many successes in the fashion world, his degree with honors. In 1990, Fidel Castro begins calling home all internationally based students and Jorge goes into hiding and moves to Hamburg.

Jorge’s philosophy: “The way you walk is the way you go through life“

The price he has to pay is high, as he was not allowed to return home to Cuba to see his family for over 8 years. This included not seeing his role model, Grandmother Juana, who raised 18 children, never left the house without a fresh orchid in her hair or matching high heels, who had to live in uncertainty for all those years if her grandson was even alive. In 1997 he was finally able to return to Cuba and see his family.

Jorge meets the man of his dreams in Hamburg, and even after 18 years, they remain together. When on Mallorca, he finds an abandoned dog in a trash can and immediately adopts “Willie” as his four-legged child. He would soon go on to work as a stylist and model coach for international designers and brands such as Laura Biagiotti and Vivienne Westwood.

In 2013, he presents the first German fashion talk show with “E! Factor by Jorge González“ which was aired by „E! Entertainment“. In 2014, he opened his long time dream, his “Chicas Walk Academy”, a project in which he works with women of any age to increase their confidence and teaches them how to get through life, no matter how high the heel.

Every project that Jorge undertakes, he wants to give the women of Germany the courage to be glamorous and give their style an attitude. After all, as Jorge says: “Glamour is just a kind of attitude”… His philosophy: “The way you walk, is the way you’ll go through life!”

Curriculum Vitae and Quick-facts

1967 - Jorge Alexis González Madrigal was born on the 11. August in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba.

1985 to 1991 - Master’s degree in Nuclear Ecology at the University Jan Komensky in Brataslava (Slovakia, former Czechoslovakia)

1989 to 1990 - First appearance as a model in local fashion shows, engaged as a model coach for agencies in Prague and Bratislava.

1990 to 1993 - Stylist, model-coach and choreographer for shootings and fashion shows for Stefanel, Benetton, Dan Beranger, Laura Biagiotti

since 1996 - Collaboration with prominent photographers as a stylist

since 1998 - VIP-Styling and image consultant for Barbara Becker, Esther Schweins, Tim Mälzer, and others.

2010 to 2012 - Catwalk trainer und Model coach in the ‘ProSieben’ casting show „Germany’s next Topmodel by Heidi Klum“

2011 - Conception and launch of the brand: „Chicas Walk“

2011 to 2012 - Creation of a total of 4 limited-run collections for „Chicas Walk“

since 2012 - Costume designer for the Cuban dance sensation: „Ballet Revolución“

2012/13 - Testimonial for Veet EasyWax.

2012 - Launch of the new single „Don’t Touch My Shoes“

2012/13 - Acting role in popular German police-series: “Notruf Hafenkante”

2013 - Autobiography “Hola Chicas – Auf dem Laufsteg meines Lebens” published by Random House

2013 - Judging panel “Dancing with the Stars” on RTL Television

since 2013 - Host of first own format “E! FACTOR by Jorge González” on E! Entertainment

2013 - Dubbing actor for the cartoon movie “Free Birds” presented by Senator Film

2014 - Opening of the “Chicas Walk Academy” by Jorge González in Hamburg, Germany

2014 - “Chicas Walk Academy” as Doku-Soap (starting Summer 2014) on VOX Television

2014 and 2016/17 – Testimonial for Beiersdorf brand “8×4″

2014 – Host of “E! In the City” on E!Entertainment

Since 2015 – PETA-Ambassador for the ” THAT’S HOW YOU WEAR FUR” campaign

Since 2016 – Testimonial for kai Beauty Care

2016 – Host of “E! In the City” Cuba Special on E! Entertainment

2016 - InTouch Award for Jorge González in the category “Creative Personality”

2016 – Presentation of his own professional hair styling products “ KASHO STYLING by JORGE GONZÁLEZ”

2016 – Launch of new perfumes with his own fragrances „JORGE GONZÁLEZ by GLAMOUR & HEELS”

2017 - Judging panel “Superpets” on Sat.1


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